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Merry Moonshine

Last year, I was at a Thanksgiving party and a friend of mine brought some apple pie moonshine that he made at home and was giving away as gifts. As soon as I tasted … [Read More...]

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Ho, Ho..Where Did It Go? A guide to enjoying the holiday season while it’s still here

It is so easy to get caught up rushing around, making lists and grumbling about how much you have to do with so little time. The season definitely can cause stress … [Read More...]

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Matcha Almond Honey Smoothie- 2 ways

We're all about our smoothies, over here. Whether it's a great pick-me-up in the morning, a post-workout meal or a delicious snack at any time of the day, we are … [Read More...]

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Stuffed Peppers

I make a few different variations of this, but here is my latest stuffed peppers recipe that was DELISH.  Ingredients 6 large green peppers 1 lb. grass-fed … [Read More...]


Fashion Friday-Tech Gloves

One thing we all have to deal with in the winter, besides all the snow and expensive heating bills, are COLD hands. These gloves made for outdoor fitness (and all … [Read More...]


Escarole & Beans, 2 ways

Growing up in a very Italian and Portuguese household, escarole was as common as bread. My mother, father and grandmother put it in everything. Of all the dishes … [Read More...]


Fashion Friday- Scarves

It's that time of year when wearing a scarf 24 hours a day is par for the course. It's one of those essential fall/winter items--one that you can wear outdoors to … [Read More...]


Fashion Crave-Hunter Boots

I will admit to you that I already own a nice, comfortable pair of rain boots. That being said, I have been eyeing Hunter Wellies since 2011. They make your legs … [Read More...]