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Bringing Back the F Word Mile

Last year, we had a goal of doing a mile a day. This mile was either in addition to our workout or done alone, on a rest day. When we made this a goal last year, I … [Read More...]

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Fashion Friday with DailyLook

Every woman needs a little black dress. We love this black dress from DailyLook.com's amazing selection. It's the perfect spring/summer dress that can be worn … [Read More...]

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F is for Family Fun-filled Kindness with MONSTER JAM! (Kids earn a free ticket, too!)

We often chat with our little ones about what makes them beautiful. What makes them feel good. What drives them to want to live a happy, healthy life. While we … [Read More...]

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Focus on Food-1 Week

One week into my new eating plan and I am down 4.4 lbs. If I hadn't started and said "enough is enough" when I did, I would be exactly where I was last week. I would … [Read More...]


Chicken Coconut Curry

This dish is a family favorite around here, so I thought I'd share! You can serve it as-is or over the rice of your choice. I typically roast asparagus or broccoli … [Read More...]


Focus on Food. A 30 Day Commitment to Yourself

Okay y'all here it is. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. By all means, on paper I am a healthy person but I have symptoms that say otherwise. I am … [Read More...]


Boho Braid Wrap

My favorite thing is summer. My favorite thing in the summer is the beach. While I can't have either of those yet, I choose to remind myself of both as much as … [Read More...]

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Flaunting your style with Minted!

Recently, I found out Minted.com sells art prints and home decor in addition to their line of cards. Some of my favorite holiday cards this past year … [Read More...]