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Boloco- Globally Inspired Burritos- GIVEAWAY!

* Disclosure: We received a $20 gift card to experience Boloco, as well as were given an additional $20 gift card to facilitate a giveaway. All opinions are our … [Read More...]

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Fashion Friday-Halloween Edition

Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE Halloween.  In my search for all things great and spooky, I came across this fabulous website called Modcloth. … [Read More...]

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Fashion Friday-Vested

What's not to love about Fall clothes?  The vest is one of my all-time favorites, right up there with high boots. Versatile, stylish and perfect for … [Read More...]

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Forget the Candy

It's the first day of October, a month that not only celebrates with costumes and spooky decor but with lots and lots of CANDY.  The stores start putting it out … [Read More...]


The Food Parade- autographed author/illustrator copy GIVEAWAY

When we got our hands on a copy of The Food Parade, we were immediately impressed with the colorful and imaginative visuals. We knew Elicia Castaldi wouldn't … [Read More...]


Fashion Fridays

While Jen and I were studying and learning all we could about nutrition this past 6 months, I was finding that my outlet was always looking at beautiful fashion … [Read More...]


lokai – find your balance

Kelly bought me this bracelet for my birthday a few weeks ago, and it hasn't left my wrist since (and she wears one, also). The story behind the lokai bracelet is … [Read More...]


Bacon and Egg Cupcakes by Sarah Wilson

Last week at the bookstore, I found myself in the typical spot.  Wait, the train table in the kids section is probably my typical spot. However, if I weren't … [Read More...]