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5 Post Workout Snacks

Snacks. Who doesn't love snacks? I think the word has gotten a bad rap over the years. Without adequate and healthy snacks in between meals, to keep us fueled … [Read More...]

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10.15.20 WOD

If you can't run, walk. If you don't have a box, do step-ups. Always sub any exercise you don't feel comfortable with or have the gear to accomplish it. If you don't … [Read More...]

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5 Rounds

Quick workout to accomplish at home or at the gym. Go until you can't go anymore or stop early if you must and throw some breaks in between. Do some yoga or light … [Read More...]

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Veggie Alio e Olio

Growing up in an Italian household, Spaghetti Alio e Olio was a weekly staple. While I don't make pasta weekly now, when I do, I jazz it up a bit and add onto the … [Read More...]


Frozen Grapes

This may be the easiest food idea I will ever post. Easier than "banana ice cream". My new go-to evening snack is frozen grapes. I can't tell you where I first saw … [Read More...]


Tuna Salad, Italian style (mayo-free)

I've been making variations of this tuna salad since my junior high school days. It was one of those after-school salads I could get on board with, and I've enjoyed … [Read More...]


Chick Pea Salad

Kelly and I love chick pea salad. There are so many variations to this delicious and nutritious dish, and we've shared one or two in the past, but here is the … [Read More...]


Bringing Back the F Word Mile

Last year, we had a goal of doing a mile a day. This mile was either in addition to our workout or done alone, on a rest day. When we made this a goal last year, I … [Read More...]